Dit This is the first CD of Ricky. He was singing totally different music, then what he's singing now. There are mainly ballads.

The tracks on the cd are:

1. Fuego Contra Fuego
2. Dime Que me Quieres
3. Corazon Entre Nubes
4. Ser Feliz
5. Susana
6. Conmigo Nadie Puede
7. Vuelo
8. El Amor de Mi Vida
9. Te Voy A Conquistar
10. Popotitos
11. Juego De Ajedrez

me amaras

This is the second CD of Ricky in his "long hair"-period. This CD contains hardly any songs, that he's stll singing today

The tracks on this cd are:

1. No Me Pidad Mas
2. Es Mejor Decirse Adios
3. Entre El Amor Y Los Halagos
4. Lo Que Nos Pase, Pasara
5. Ella Es
6. Me Ameras
7. Ayudame
8. Eres Como El Aire
9. Que Dia es Hoy (Self Control)
10. Hooray! Hooray! (It's a Holi-Holiday)

A Medio Vivir

And now the CD with the Big Breakthrough in Europe on it: "Maria" (un, dos, tres). The CD contains a ballad version of the song, but of course also the Spanish Radio Edit! Wepa!

The tracks on the cd are:

1. Fuego Contra Fuego
2. A Medio Vivir
3. Maria
4. Te Extraño, Te Olvido, Te Amo
5. Donde Estaras
6. Volveras
7. Revolucion
8. Somos La Semilla
9. Como Decirte Adios
10. Bombon de Azucar
11. Corazon
12. Nada es Imposible
13. Maria (SRE)
14. Corazon
15. Donde Estaras (MMRE)

ricky martin2 

This is the fifth cd of Ricky, with his greatest hit so far "Livin' La Vida Loca".

And I can't get enough of "Shake your Bon Bon"!

The numbers on this cd are:

1. Livin' La Vida Loca
2. Spanish Eyes
3. She's all I ever had
4. Shake your Bon-Bon
5. Be Careful (with Madonna)
6. Love You for A Day
7. Private Emotion (with Meja)
8. I'm on my way
9. I am made of You
10. La Diosa Del Carnaval
11. You Stay with Me
12. Livin' La Vida Loca (spanish)
13. Bella
14. I count the minutes


This is the first CD which started it for me. After a fantastic holiday in Turkey, where I heard "Copa de La Vida" at least two times a day, I immediately bought this CD on the airport!

The tracks on this cd are:

1. Por Ariba, Por Abajo
2. Lola, Lola
3. Casi Un Bolero
4. Corazonado
5. La Bomba
6. Vuelve
7. Hagamos El Amor
8. La Copa de La Vida
9. Perdido Sin Ti
10. Asi es La Vida
11. Marcia Baila
12. No Importa La Distancia
13. Gracias Por Pensar en Mi
14. The Cup op Life


The sixt CD van Ricky. The single "Nobody wants te be lonely", a duet with Chirstina Aguilera, is in this version unfortunately not on the cd, because here Ricky sings solo.

The tracks on this cd are:

1. She Bangs
2. Saint Tropez
3. Come to me
4. Loaded
5. Nobody wants te be lonely
6. Amor
7. Jezabel
8. The Touch

9. One night man
10. She Bangs (spanish)
11. Are you in it for love
12. Ven a mí (come to me)
13. If you ever saw her
14. Dame más (loaded)
15. Cambia la Piel