Almas del Silencio

In 2003 was the release of the album 'Almas del Silencio', what is translated as 'souls of silence'. On may 5th 2003 the first single 'Jaleo' was released in The Netherlands and later the single 'Juramento'. It was the oldfashion 'Ricky' sound, but unfortunately they were no hits.

source: www.rmtee.com

On several radio and television-stations it is possible to ask for your favourite song. Look on the Internet for your local Radio or Television station!

You can also find the lirics of his songs!

Ricky in Holland!

Finally it happened: on march 5 Ricky Martin gave a signature-session in Amsterdam. At 10.30 a.m. I was there, while the session would start at 14.00 p.m. Unfortunately it became a little bit later and at 16.00 p.m. we got to see Ricky live for the first time and the session could start.

With a lot of courage I stand in line, but when I had only 6(!) people in front of me Ricky's management decided to end the session. This has lasted only 20 minutes....

Also it was an idea of the fanclub "Ricky Martin The European Experience" to give him a trophy, but as you can see at the picture they almost succeeded....


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Fortunately I had another chance to see Ricky live and that was at the taping of the Dutch "Staatsloterijshow", for which I won two tickets at a radiostation! This made my day! He gave a splashing show and I never got to get closer to him!

It was a successful day!

Ricky Live

At May 5 2000 I went to a Ricky concert in Antwerp.It was in one word the Best concert I have ever seen!

I stood about 25 meters from the stage, so I was completely infected with the enthusiasm Ricky gave his concert.

It was a great show with a big videowall and band and of course he sang all his hits. He started with "Livin' la vida loca" and his last song was "La copa de la vida" with unfortunatelly ended a fantastic concert after one hour and 45 minutes!